Human Infrastructure & the Future of the Industrial Work Place (part 3)

(above) hydrotest of a pipeline
(above) Bill Lumbergh from Mike Judge’s “Office Space”
(above) the Singer and Songwriter Tom Waits
(above) The independent and self sufficient American Industrial Worker
(above) The American comedian George Carlin
  1. American Cancels 1,500 Flights On Halloween Weekend, Denies Any Relation To Vaccine Mandate
  2. MEPs Protest “Oppressive” Vaccine Passports, Question Why “Political Elites Push This Agenda This Hard”
  3. Unvaxx’d San Francisco Police “Discarded Like A Piece Of Trash”: Officer
  4. Carriers Must Move 60K Containers Out Of Los Angeles/Long Beach By Halloween



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Agile Quality International

Agile Quality International

I am an industrial worker, I hold certificates and have worked across the nation.