On Mobility (part 2)

The Columbia Mark 68 Victoria courtesy MiSci

Issues With The Narrative

Advertisement for the Babcock Runabout
1982 Volkswagon Diesel
Screen capture of early reporting on the “kill switch” included in the “Infrastructure Bill”
Advertisement for Firsetone
Actual photo of a burning Tesla
Fritchle Electric, an advertisement from the Denver Colorado company.
The most vulnerable, impoverished women and child labor utilized to mine Cobalt for ESG
Meme art depicting EV rare earth mining to fossil fuel extraction.
Inspection personnel at a refinery.
Gad Saad, “The Parasitic Mind”
A roadside sign outside a tavern.

Unmasking the Narrative

Article from the 1990s advertising the GM Impact electric vehicle.



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I am an industrial worker, I hold certificates and have worked across the nation.