On Mobility (Part 3)

“Breezes” Electric vehicle by J.C. Thomas of St. Augustine, FL

Ingenious and Industrious

Stanford Ovshinsky 1968 Troy, Michigan
Published findings for Future Transportation Technology Conference & Exposition
New York Times 1994 article
Comparison image for the first generation (c. 2010) Nissan leaf compared to the 1908 Victoria Phaeton. 12 years later in 2022, the Nissan LEAF gets 220 mi range and a battery replacement costs of up to $20K.

In Pursuit of Range

Infographic displaying practical steps to increase mileage.
Office Space “1999” screen capture depicting ‘the average worker driving an average vehicle’.
Infographic illustrating the “brains” behind the modern high performance vehicle.
Altered illustration from NationalNewsWatch depicting help from the US Government.
“Motorhead” the British Metal music band.

Minor Modifications

Vacuum Gauge

High-Flow Cold Air Intake System

Cat-Back Exhaust System

The Domain of the Motorhead

HHO Kits

A traditional “soap box derby” in America (c. 1950s)

Water Powered Car

  1. Why was the US Department of Energy so interested in Stanford Ovshinsky’s Nickel-metal Hydride battery and how in the world did they get three competing corporations to agree to forming an R&D group on battery technology? What was that all about anyway?
  2. If in the year 1982, a VW diesel was getting 42–50 MPG, why can’t my commuter car get better mileage in 2022? Does that make sense?
  3. If in 1909 electric cars were getting 100 mile range, why did it take 100 years to get to a Nissan Leaf with the exact same range? How in the world was this called progress?
  4. If HHO works, why aren’t they mandatory in all vehicles if we are concerned about “the environment”, the air and all the poor people suffering the direct results of pollution?
  5. If indeed vehicles can run on water or wind, questions one through four are moot . . . excuse me but what is going on here? Is someone interested in restricting mobility, making it difficult or for that matter more expensive? What is the nature of mobility and why does it seem to matter so much to those in power?
“Breezes” Electric vehicle by J.C. Thomas of St. Augustine, FL



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