On Mobility (Part 4)

Early Electric vehicle

A Path to Understanding

  1. We brought to light the fact that the first electric vehicle was created around 1828 by Hungarian Ányos Jedlik.
  2. We posed the question of “why”, if in the early 1980s a Volkswagon Jetta diesel was able to get about 50 MPG, why so many vehicles today in 2022 are unable to achieve this simple metric.
  3. We brought to light the inefficiencies of modern electric vehicles, covering a variety of items including cost, environmental degradation and safety.
  4. We pointed out the numerous manufacturers and variety of electric vehicle models available in the 1800s.
  5. We gave examples of numerous methods of mobility available in the past including those powered by water, natural gas, wood and even tequila.
  6. We pointed out the public statements by “thought leaders” like Claus Schwab which are in opposition to freedom of mobility and private property.


Covers of The Economist Magazine
The Economist Magazine cover 2015

Towards a Green Revolution

January 1999 “Heroes for the Planet”
Montreal Gazette, 1972
UN Propaganda

Toward Synthesis

Alexander King

Policy Documents

propaganda for “The One Child Policy”
Screen shot from the movie “Best of Enemies”

The Common Enemy Of Humanity As Man Himself

The Rio Summit (1992)

The Rio Summit 1991–1992

The comedian George Carlin

California Stop

Road signs for “the wicked”

Causes of Cognitive Dissonance

Forced Compliance

New Information




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